About Us

VERCINE is a company that provides consulting and advisory services in order to meet the needs of multiple companies in various fields of management of audiovisual content, focusing on film content.

VERCINE has a team of professionals with an extensive background in the audiovisual sector and a deep knowledge of the industry both nationally and internationally. That know-how we cherish it every day, and be aware of all developments that occur in the market, and especially in the sections on distribution and content sales.

Led by Ignacio Puebla VERCINE starts in 2007 with a clear mission to advise all companies that, in certain processes, require a specialized professional and knowledgeable expert of this media.

Since then, VERCINE has not stopped growing and adding new services according to what their customers have requested. Now with the digital revolution, the audiovisual sector is entering a new and exciting phase where the opportunities and challenges are unlimited.

In 2014, starts VERCINE DISTRIBUCIÓN, after having released several large-scale titles for the SolotresD company. This work endorses VERCINE, as a company capable of responding the distribution needs of audiovisual and cinematographic production companies, giving the deserved place to many high quality productions that haven't found the right distribution, nor the possibility of reaching all the exhibition windows (conventional and recently appeared) in a solid and profitable way.

Throughout these last years, it has gone from distributing in cinemas products of other companies that entrusted VERCINE with its distribution to gradually acquire their own titles, with special emphasis on the distribution of quality European products.

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